DC504 Foundation honors recovering veterans at the VA Hospital on Veterans Day


By Christina Raines,
November 2, 2013,

Long Beach, CA — DC504 Foundation is pleased to announce our Inaugural Veterans Day Luncheon taking place on Monday, November 11th at the VA Long Beach Hospital. This event honors veterans recovering in the Spinal Cord Injury unit and will feature; a home-cooked meal, flag ceremony, live music, DJ, comedian and giveaways for the veterans.

The 1st Annual Veterans Day Luncheon brings festivities to immobile veterans on a day dedicated to honoring the sacrifices they have made. DC504 Foundation, in partnership with Odyssey Experiences, represents every American’s gratitude for the freedoms we all enjoy at the hands of our servicemen and women.

About DC504 Foundation

DC504 Foundation was created to honor fallen soldier Edwin H. DazaChacón, KIA in Afghanistan on February 13, 2006. His dedication to the military, his love of this country and his life were an inspiration to everyone around him. DC504 is committed to demonstrating appreciation for every sacrifice a member of the United States military makes.

DC504 Foundation has participated in the annual 4th of July BBQ held in the Spinal Cord Injury Unit at the VA Long Beach, for the past three years. Their efforts reached beyond these shores in the aftermath of a devastating flood that swept through a rural region of Colombia, Edwin H. DazaChacón’s homeland. DC504 Foundation responded by erecting, not just a home for a family of five, but a refuge under which to rebuild their lives.


To get involved, please contact

Jessica A. DazaChacón-Houdement, Co-Founder and President
3151 Airway Avenue, Suite H1-9504
Costa Mesa, CA 92620
Phone: (949) 680-9055

If you appreciate your freedom, thank a veteran.

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