The DC504 Foundation

Our Mission Statement

DC504 Foundation is an organization dedicated to honoring fallen
Staff Sgt. Edwin H. DazaChacón
We honor the soldier by hosting events for veterans that express gratitude for their service. We honor the man by sponsoring projects that improve the lives of children, increase their dignity and foster self-sufficiency.

Our Purpose

DC504 Foundation was created to honor fallen soldier Staff Sgt. Edwin H. DazaChacón, KIA in Deh Rawod, Afghanistan on February 13, 2006. His dedication to the military and his love of this country were an inspiration to everyone around him. Edwin’s life inspires us all, while his story intrigues those we share it with.

DC504 Foundation is dedicated to supporting and honoring America’s veterans for their service and commitment to our nation’s freedom. Initially formed to improve the lives and circumstances of children around the world, DC504 Foundation reached out beyond America’s shores. When a flood swept through rural Colombia, Edwin’s homeland, DC504 Foundation built a home for a family of four. DC504 provided a roof over the heads of a small child, her parents and her blind, paraplegic aunt.

Our Service

Our domestic efforts include serving veterans recovering in the VA Hospital in Long Beach, California. Participating in an annual barbeque on the 4th of July, and establishing a new event on Veterans Day, DC504 Foundation brings festivities to immobile veterans on days dedicated to honoring the sacrifices they have made. DC504 Foundation represents every American’s gratitude for the freedoms we all enjoy at the hands of our servicemen and women.

Our Name

About our name. DC is short for DazaChacón and was how Edwin was known among his comrades. Edwin served with the 1st Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Belonging to the 504th, which was constituted during World War II, was a great source of personal pride for Edwin. Edwin’s sisters, Jessica Annette and Monique Francesca, combined his nickname and battalion to form a unique and personal name for the foundation created in his honor.

Our Logo

A note about our logo. The logo was designed in Edwin’s favorite color. This vibrant version of yellow was chosen to represent Edwin’s vivacity.

The hummingbird symbolizes many different qualities, one of which being joy. Because of its small size, the hummingbird has come to represent the lightness of being. As it hovers near a flower and drinks in its nectar, it reminds us to enjoy every moment and take in the sweetness of life. Since the hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backward, it teaches us to learn from the past and move swiftly, confidently forward. For all of these reasons, and more, the hummingbird is reminiscent of Edwin’s eternal spirit.

The script reading ‘DC504 Foundation’ is Edwin’s own handwriting. Co-founder, president and sister of the fallen, worked with a graphic artist to create a unique logo incorporating Edwin’s beautiful penmanship. This arduous process took months, and was made possible by the kind donation of Julie Scanlon and the graphic artistry of Julian Albaca.

The entirety of the logo is one way we share Edwin with you.